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Who are we?


Situated in a tranquil valley a few hundred yards from the famous White Cliffs of Dover sits Reach Court Farm. Owned by Derek and Jacqui Mitchell, the farm has been in the Mitchell family for over 70 years and, although most of the present day farming activities take place at an adjoining farm, it still retains its rural characteristics.

Purchased in 1934 by Mr and Mrs Gilbert W. Mitchell, Reach Court Farm is rich in anecdotes and history. The farm was left in a position of great exposure after the announcement of the Second World War. The area became known as Hellfire Corner, with the Battle of Britain raging overhead. Mr Mitchell might have been forgiven for evacuating to some less turbulent region but in spite of the bombs and shells, he carried on farming, and was given control of a vast farming area by the War Department. Reach Court Farm was reported on the front page of the national newspaper the 'London Gazette' in May 1942 as

"the nearest point to the continent, and is scarred with filled-in shell holes. The farm buildings are probably the most vulnerable in the country, yet the work was carried on throughout the Battle of Britain and ever since."

Mr and Mrs Mitchell came through this period unscathed and were awarded the George Medal and British Empire Medal respectively from King George VI for their services. Unfortunately the farm was not so lucky and extensive rebuilding had to take place after the war.

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